“Aaron Tveit is a young man who has it all: the voice, the looks, the moves of a true leading man, and charisma to spare.” - Frank W. Abagnale Disclaimer*I take credit for none of the gifs or pictures, links, etc unless stated otherwise*


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I swear to God, his hair is getting blonder, his eyes bluer and my knees weaker!


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About those Upcoming 54 Below Shows…


Hey, guys! There seems to be a lot of buzz about Aaron’s upcoming 54 Below shows all of a sudden, so I figured to shed some light.

Just to clarify: the last I was told was that his next round of 54 Below shows won’t be happening before the end of the year. (Aaron will be busy filming.)

On the bright side, that means more time to save up should anyone have plans on traveling to NY! It should definitely be happening soon; the wait will just be a little longer.

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Anonymous requested Aaron gushing about Jlaw

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Aaron Tveit: Captveiting 

"I’ve always been captivated when I watch Aaron Tveit sing"

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A bit of sunshine to brighten your day

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[a human sacrifice at the altar of your sacred badge…] 

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He shoots, he raps, he’s single! Six things we learned about Broadway hottie Aaron Tveit today

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The trailer for episode 10 was already posted on YouTube, and oh man, shit is about to get very real!

Looks like that’s Paige right behind Sid. Glad Mike won’t be alone with him for very long. I guess Paige found a way to save her girls after all.

Ahhh this looks so intense! This show stresses me out like woah.


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