“Aaron Tveit is a young man who has it all: the voice, the looks, the moves of a true leading man, and charisma to spare.” - Frank W. Abagnale Disclaimer*I take credit for none of the gifs or pictures, links, etc unless stated otherwise*


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Track Name: Poison in My Pocket
Artist: Aaron Tveit, Catherine Walker, & Shuler Hensley
Album: Sundance...Sings at Symphony Space - 9/29/14


Aaron Tveit, Catherine Walker, and Shuler Hensley sing Poison in My Pocket from A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder at Sundance…Sings at Symphony Space on 9/29/14.

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I love this Aaron’s hand express “twinkling lights” and “spark”.

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› Symphony Space Hosts "Sundance...Sings!" Concert


Last night (September 29th), Aaron Tveit joined other artists at the “Sundance…Sings!” concert, hosted by New York’s Symphony Space. The event celebrated composers and lyricists who have spent time at the Sundance Institute Theatre Lab, a developmental…

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Derpveit Through the Years: 2007-2014

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When your Broadway babies become famous movie and TV stars…



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graceland cast + social media

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aaron tveit: hey there's a couple places in this song where i'm supposed to sing 'oh' maybe i should act like i'm having an orgasm when i'm singing them yeah that's a great idea people will totally like that

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You know what the Tveit tag needs? More random RP posts. Cause there aren’t nearly enough of those. I don’t know about you, but that is exactly what I’m hoping to find when I look in his tag. Oh wait…


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